In our quest to have a more stable source of income, active or passive, we come across many options: the stock market, property market, currency trading.

One can be confused as to which way one must go. Nonetheless, there are those willing and able to share their expertise in the aspect of currency trading that allows you to grow, manage and secure your investments at your own pace, at your own time. has made an online trading platform quite unlike the others designed usually by software programmers.

According to CEO Marco Murgida, the tools in their platform were designed by their team of foreign exchange (forex) professionals who would know how to best respond to clients needs.

One of the forex experts of is Charles Heri-Sabet. He brings in his 20-year experience to the company producing exceptional quality of pricing with genuine market rates.

Mr Sabet shares that the continuous integration of the prices of nine key players in the sector (including Bank of America, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley), unlike the many competitors using a single reference only.

He further explains that has made customised trading platforms that suit the needs of an individual investor, a markets professional, and an institutional investor.

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