Roberto Escobar, a brother of the late drug boss Pablo Escobar and an ex-convict, is accusing Tesla CEO Elon Musk of stealing his design for a flamethrower that led to the creation of The Boring Company’s Not-a-Flamethrower.”

Escobar is threatening to sue Musk for an undisclosed sum but said he’ll back down if Musk agrees to hand over $100 million in either cash or Tesla shares.

Media reports suggest Escobar, 72, is threatening legal action only because his flamethrower and that of Musk’s look alike.

Escobar’s flamethrower is a toy flamethrower while Musk’s isn’t. This stark difference prompted Musk to tweet, “It’s not a flamethrower, Mr. Escobar.”

Musk’s novelty contraption, which has been derided as an overpriced joke, is actually more akin to a roofing torch powered by a small propane tank than a real flamethrower. Also called a cool toy, Not-a-Flamethrower was announced in January 2018 and is no longer in production.

Escobar claims Musk stole his concept for the flamethrower after one of Musk's engineers visited the Escobar compound in 2017. He claims they discussed the idea of a "toy flamethrower.” Escobar and the alleged engineer never met again and Escobar said he was prompted to take action when he saw The Boring Company's announcement for its flamethrower.

“Elon we both know you stole from me. I am OK to settle this right now for $100 million,” said Escobar.

“Tesla shares is OK or cash. I will win in court, and you will lose more than $100 million. Maybe I will make myself new Tesla CEO with the courts?… Let’s settle this like gentleman. Send me the Tesla Shares to Escobar Inc.”

Escobar Inc, CEO Olof Gustofsson claims Musk’s tweet saying his flamethrower isn’t a flamethrower “shows that he is guilty.”

"It is very important to understand that right now, one of the richest people currently in the world has acknowledged his wrongdoing by posting that 'it is not a flamethrower, Mr. Escobar,' this is his way of trying to lower his real liability. He is basically admitting to stealing! We will settle this, I am sure. Elon knows where to find us."

Not a flamethrower
An attendee operates a Boring Co. flamethrower at the company's photo booth during an unveiling event for The Boring Company Hawthorne test tunnel December 18, 2018 in Hawthorne, California. Robyn Beck-Pool/Getty Images