When Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao square off for the fourth time Saturday night, the stakes could be larger than ever.

According to Top Rank president Todd DuBoef, who promotes the world-class pugilist, Pacquiao, 34, this month, could rake in upwards of $25 million dollars for the Marquez fight, possibly even $30 million, reports Yahoo.

While the Filipino fighter is contracted at almost $8.6 million, pay-per-view sales and foreign television money are expected to pad Pacquiao's purse. His card is predicted to top 1 million buys and could possibly reach 1.3 million. DuBoef also believes closed circuit viewing for the headlining fight will be up, even after Pacquiao lost a controversial decision -- that many thought he won -- to Timothy Bradley in his last bout.

"We're getting more of the bars and restaurants, the chains, the Hooters, the Buffalo Wild Wings, places like that, buying the fight," DuBoef told Yahoo. "If [interest in Pacquiao is decreasing], I am not seeing it."

Fans, though, are growing weary about the sport as it has yet to put on what boxing masses are calling the best fight: Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather.

Money demands and drug testing procedures have continued to stall the bout, though Top Rank chairman Bob Arum still believes it would produce nearly 3 million pay-per-view subscribers if both sides could come together.

Pacquiao's opponent Saturday, Juan Manuel Marquez, won't be doing too bad for himself in the wallet either. The 39-year-old Mexican figher will make $3 million guaranteed for the contest, and like Pacquiao, should earn significantly more than that when pay-per-view and foreign TV numbers are calculated.

According to Forbes, Pacquiao was the second highest-earning athlete from June 2011 through June 2012, accruing $62 million. The only man that made more than him was rival, Floyd Mayweather, who hauled in a whopping $85 million.