The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees released a statement Monday detailing their reasons for firing head football coach Joe Paterno in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The board felt that despite fulfilling his legal obligations of telling his superiors of the allegations, the board felt that he had failed as a leader by not doing more.

We determined that his decision to do his minimum legal duty and not to do more to follow up constituted a failure of leadership by Coach Paterno, the trustees wrote.

The Trustees released their statement thanks to continued pressure from Alumni and students of Penn State who have been unhappy with the University since the firing.

Many people have indicated that they did not understand, and this is our last attempt to try to make it as clear as possible, Trustee Keith Eckel told The Associated Press. And people are welcome to agree or disagree with us.

The board fired Paterno four days after the first charges were filed against Sandusky. Sandusky has since been accused of abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period when he was an assistant coach at Penn State.

Paterno was fired in a phone call with some of the trustees on the evening of November 9. The lack of a face-to-face meeting has also caused anger and resentment on campus.

In their statement the board also sought to explain that decision as well.

We saw no better alternative, the trustees wrote in their statement. Because Coach Paterno's home was surrounded by media representatives, photographers and others, we did not believe there was a dignified, private and secure way to send Board representatives to meet with him there.

Sandusky's trial is slated to begin as early as May 14 when he will answer 50 counts of sex abuse.

Paterno has been replaced by former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as the head coach of Penn State football, he will get his first opportunity to make his mark on the storied program on September 1 when the Nittany Lions host Ohio University.