Peyton Manning Jersey
Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys are already flying off the shelves. Here's a breakdown of where to buy the hottest Manning gear.

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys are already flying off the shelves. Here's a breakdown of where to buy the coolest Manning gear.

Peyton Manning may have only been signed by the Denver Broncos last week, but he is already dominating jersey sales, as his #18 duds have been flying off the shelves ever since he held one up at a press conference with the Broncos in Colorado.

Manning, who replaced Tim Tebow as the Broncos' quarterback, has already left Tebow a distant memory in the minds of Denver fans, who are excited to see Manning calling plays in orange and blue.

And Tim Tebow has nothing to worry about, as he was signed by the Jets last week, and is already sweeping through the Big Apple football scene, as #15 Tebow jerseys have hit shelves faster than any item since #17 jerseys for Knicks sensation (and Tebow's friend) Jeremy Lin did earlier this year.

Peyton Manning has joined the Broncos after years of success with the Indianapolis Colts, and that left Tim Tebow needing a new home, which ended up being NYC, where he will join head coach Rex Ryan (who knows what exactly will come of Mark Sanchez, who will presumably be Tebow's backup despite having a respectable career of his own) on Gang Green.

Now that Manning has gone from Indiana to Colorado, let the Manningmania grip you and your wallet and visit one of the following websites in order to buy the hottest Peyton Manning Broncos gear:

1. NFL Shop: The NFL Shop is the one-stop-shop for NFL gear for fans of any football team, and it is has one of the widest selections of Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys that you will find. Not only do they have the hottest Manning gear, they also Tebow jerseys for all the Jets fans out there. For $99.99, you can rock a replica of the Denver Broncos jersey Peyton Manning will don when the season starts up again this fall. Or for $84.99, you can snag a snazzy new replica Tim Tebow Reebok jersey. And that's not all NFL Shop has to offer, as it also has men and women's Manning and Tebow T-shirts, hoodies, and more for sale. A quick shopping spree at the NFL Shop will have you looking like the biggest Broncos fan on the block, and will let your friends know you've been swept up in Manningmania.

2. USA Today Sports Store: The USA Today Sports Store may not be the most well-known retailer out there, but it has a nice selection of Peyton Manning shirts, mock jerseys and other memorabilia for you to buy, lots of which is available at discount prices. To the ladies out there, pick up a sleek feminine shirt bearing the new QB's name and jersey number for just $42.99, or even a Broncos football helmet actually autographed by the newest Bronco for $597.99 at this great website.

. Football Fanatics: This site seems to be one of the best spots to pick up Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys and other Manning memorabilia. From a classy charcoal Manning sweatshirt for just $44.95 to a sexy, navy-blue women's shirt rocking the Peyton Manning name and jersey number for just $29.95, the range at this site makes it another one worth visiting when hunting for Peyton Manning Denver Broncos gear.