In a horrific incident, a pit bull mauled a tiny black poodle to death at a park in Oakden, Adelaide, on Wednesday. The shattered dog owner described the heartbreaking moment and blamed the pit bull owner, who escaped the scene.

According to local media, Tom Chen was walking his dog DiDi (the black poodle) in Roy Amer Reserve on Wednesday evening when the fatal incident occurred. Chen claimed a pit bull more than three times the size of DiDi grabbed the dog and started biting him multiple times. Defending his dog, Chen said the attack was completely unprovoked.

“(The pitbull) just kept on biting, again and again everywhere. He wasn’t going for the throat, it was like he wanted to kill him slowly,” Chen said. “I’ve been having nightmares about DiDi getting killed. It’s flashbacks and it just keeps coming back... I hit the pitbull so many times and I tried to get him off. By that point there was nothing we could’ve done."

Following the brutal attack, the dog and its owner fled the scene, according to the Daily Mail.

Chen said he initially chased them but he stopped as he had to tend to his dog, which was seriously injured. The wounded dog was taken to a veterinary where he received an X-Ray and was told he needed emergency surgery. However, DiDi suffered a cardiac arrest before he could undergo the operation.

Chen issued a warning for dog owners and also parents of small children about the pit bull that was still roaming the streets.

"It will kill again. There were kids there yesterday, they would be killed by this dog. The owner is an idiot. Turn yourself in and put the dog down," he cautioned.

An investigation into the fatal attack was launched by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council. Authorities urged the public to help identify the owner of the pit bull.

“It is alleged the person responsible for the dog left the scene of the attack without providing any contact details,” a statement said. “Community safety officers are currently investigating the attack by taking statements and gathering evidence into the incident... We are seeking for the person to come forward to assist the investigation. We also seek public assistance in identifying the owner and the dog in question.”

pit bull
A pit bull is seen in the menacing dogs area of the Henderson Animal Shelter in Auckland, New Zealand, July 27, 2016. Getty Images/Fiona Goodall

Pit bull s are known to be ferocious dog breeds and have often attacked other animals and humans, sometimes their owners. In a recent pit bull attack, a dog owner from Irving, Texas, was mauled to death by her two pet pit bull terriers. The incident took place at a veterinary clinic.

Johana Villafane, 33, was fatally bitten by the pair of canines when she went to the clinic to feed them.

“Officers were dispatched to assist the Irving fire Department who had been summoned to a veterinary clinic on reports of a woman in need of medical attention. Staff reported that a dog owner had been attacked by her two pit bull terriers and appeared to be seriously injured,” a press release from the police department stated earlier this week.