Drug use
In this representational image, a mix of cocaine and heroin waits for a user near a railway underpass in the Kensington section of Philadelphia which has become a hub for drug use in the city, July 31, 2017. Getty Images

Canadian police launched an investigation after a video emerged on the internet showing what appears to be a man indulging in a drug deal inside a house before being picked up in a police car.

The video, which was first uploaded by LiveLeak, has been viewed at least 20,000 times. The clip shows a man in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, picking up what is believed to be cocaine and putting it in his pockets along with some tinfoil.

The clip starts with a man throwing punches in the air and saying "punched out five natives this week", before adding, "No more cocaine for this little camper. No, just do a little bit of shards."

The whole incident was recorded on a cellphone by another man known to the police, according to Bay Today, who then is heard saying the appearance of the patrol vehicle is “suspicious. Very, very suspicious.”

The man with the drugs is then seen leaving the property and getting into the backseat of a marked North Bay police car, which awaits him outside the house. The vehicle then drives off with no sirens or lights.

As the car is seen driving off with the person, who allegedly just purchased drugs, the man filming the video is heard saying: “Yes, you really did just see that. Now if you ask me that is definitely some f----- up shit.”

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Above is a representational image of police cars and their sirens. Pixabay

The man, who recorded the video reportedly claimed the male who purchased the cocaine shards also arrived at the house in the same police car.

North Bay Police Chief Shawn Devine stated both men are known to the authorities and that an internal investigation of the entire incident caught on video is underway. Devine added the officer who was driving the vehicle was not under investigation nor was he suspended, the Nugget reported.

“This individual officer had no knowledge of any illegal actions,” Devine said. “We expect this investigation to be concluded by the end of the week.”

In a statement regarding the video, Devine added: “Although the contents of the video appear concerning on its surface, I am confident that this one-sided account of what is being alleged is totally inaccurate and a misrepresentation of the facts as they transpired on that day.”

“I await further details from investigators and will speak further to this incident upon completion of the investigation. After we do an investigation we have standard operating procedures that we look at and at that time we will decide if anything needs to be changed,” he explained.