Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro could possibly be removed from office as he deals with both a political and humanitarian crisis from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Under Bolsonaro’s leadership, Brazil has become the second-most infected country and his administration faces a political debacle due to his firing of the federal police chief.

“Having failed to unite Brazilians in the face of (a) pandemic, Bolsonaro and his government could be the first to be toppled by it,” Robert Muggah, director of the Brazilian Igarape Institute think tank, told CNBC this week.

Muggah added that Bolsonaro could be impeached due to his handling of the coronavirus crisis, or be convicted by Brazil’s Supreme Court for common crimes. Bolsonaro could also be forced out of his position due to alleged misconduct from the 2018 presidential campaign.

In April, Justice Minister Sergio Moro resigned from his post and accused Bolsonaro of firing federal police chief Mauricio Valeixo for personal and political reasons. Moro went to the Supreme Court for an investigation into the firing, with Bolsonaro calling the accusations “baseless.” Bolsonaro said he expects the investigation to be dropped by the Supreme Court.

"I never interfered in the work of the Federal Police. All statements to the contrary are frivolous. The testimonies of countless federal delegates confirm that I never asked any of them for information. I expect responsibility and serenity in dealing with the matter," Bolsonaro said Tuesday in a statement.

Members of Bolsonaro's family are also facing political controversies. On Wednesday, police launched an investigation into a pro-Bolsonaro online fake news network, which investigators believe could be tied to Bolsonaro's son, Carlos. The investigation was mandated by Brazil’s Supreme Court and targeted individuals in six states who are believed to be spreading pro-Bolsonaro disinformation. Another one of Bolsonaro's sons, Sen. Flavio Bolsonaro, is under investigation for suspected corruption and ties to the mafia in Rio de Janeiro.

The political controversies come as Brazil’s Health Ministry recorded 1,039 COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday. Sao Paulo, the country’s biggest city, has been the most impacted by the virus, with hospitals overwhelmed by the disease. The virus has also disproportionately affected Brazil’s indigenous population and impoverished favela communities.

Bolsonaro has downplayed the virus as a “little flu”, and feuded with state governors implementing lockdown orders. Within the past two months, two Health Ministers have left the government over disagreements with Bolsonaro. Brazilians have banged pots and pans at night to protest Bolsonaro’s handling of the health crisis, while Bolsonaro has joined anti-lockdown demonstrations.

If Bolsonaro is eventually removed from office, it would mean Vice President Hamilton Mourão, a retired military general, would take power. Mourão has praised Brazil’s military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there are nearly 400,000 coronavirus cases in Brazil and over 24,500 deaths.