A customer holds Powerball tickets he purchased at Kavanagh Liquors on Jan. 12, 2015 in San Lorenzo, California. Getty Images

Spring just started Monday, but we've all got our eyes on the prize: summer. Between new bathing suits, frozen cocktails and beach vacations, though, the costs of celebrating really add up. Who couldn't do with a cool $155 million right now?

One easy way to buck up your bank account is by playing the North American lottery game Powerball. Draws in the contest take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 p.m. EDT, which means your latest chance to win is coming up.

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You can participate by buying a Powerball ticket in every U.S. state but Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah. They cost $2 and will have sets of numbers on them. You can choose your own numbers or get a Quick Pick where they're already chosen for you.

If you want to win the jackpot, the numbers selected on your ticket will need to match all five of those on the white balls drawn by the host as well as the red Powerball number. So far this week, the jackpot is at $155 million, according to the Powerball site.

You can also win smaller prizes. Score $1 million cash by guessing the five white-ball numbers in any order, or $50,000 for guessing four plus the red Powerball number. If you guess four white-ball numbers, you can get $100; if you guess three, you can get $7. If you only have the red Powerball number, you win $4.

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Repeat lottery winner Richard Lustig told Forbes recently he recommends people not use the Quick Pick option and instead select a group of numbers and stay with them. Lustig said players should follow each week's draws but be careful about going overboard.

Even if you don't end up a victor, you can still have a good time.

"It's a good team building thing, too," Wisconsin resident Stephen Boulden told WFRV last year. "Everyone gets together and puts their money together, talks about it and has a good time, pretending that they are going to win the lottery and what they're going to buy, where they're going to go, debating how fast they'll be leaving work."