Manchester United players after winning the premiership last season

The opening game of this year’s Barclay’s Premier League between Tottenham Hotspur and Everton has been officially postponed due to riots and instability in London.

F.A.’s chief executive Richard Scudmore has confirmed the news at the official launch of the Premier League. Scudmore told Sky Sports that the upcoming White Hart Lane game has been postponed.

Scudmore said that the Metropolitan police has not been successful in controlling the Tottenham High Road and complete a clean-up operation. He, however, is confident that the other planned nine games will take place as scheduled.

“The very latest situation is that we know that we are going to lose the Tottenham-Everton game,” Scudmore told Sky Sports. “In fairness to the police they have done a fantastic job, but they are unable to hand Tottenham High Road back to the council until Friday night and that is late enough to get a safety certificate in time.”

Confirmation about the other nine games will arrive by 6pm tonight, according to a Sky Sports report.

Other matches scheduled for August 13 include Fulham vs. Aston Villa and Blackburn vs. Wolves. Newcastle is also set to host Arsenal at St. James Park.