• Arteta will pick players based on commitment and training
  • Guendouzi and Arteta seem to be ready to move on
  • Guendouzi could be back in action against Olympiacos

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta knows that inconsistency has been a problem for the Gunners ever since he took over. However, the 37-year-old has been around the game long enough to know how to remedy the situation. It is all about a player's attitude and commitment to be at their best each time they take the field.

Arteta recently shed light on the case of Matteo Guendouzi who was dropped from the squad last week. reported that the 20-year-old midfielder was dropped due to an argument he had with Arteta and the coaching staff while they were in Dubai for a mid-season training camp. However, it seems all that has simmered down with Guendouzi back in training on Wednesday. There is a chance that the midfielder will be back against Olympiacos in the team's European League match Thursday.

The possibility of seeing Guendouzi back was raised with Lucas Torreira out due to an illness. Also out is Mesut Ozil due to personal reasons. Assuming that Guendouzi is now aligned with Arteta's philosophy, his return could be welcome news.

“I just do my team selection and the squad in regards to how they train, how they play, how they behave," Arteta said in a press conference. "Every week it will be different. One week it will be one reason, one week it will be another reason."

Pressured to turn things around, Arteta's approach has so far returned favorable results. Since taking over last December, he has turned the Gunners into a hardworking and tougher team. This clearly showed when they won over the Magpies. In 10 games, they have lost only once. And while things seem to be looking up, there are still problems along the way - specifically Guendouzi. But it appears that any issue between them is now a thing of the past. A video shows the 20-year-old back in training.

Guendouzi is undoubtedly a promising young star who could be part of something big for the Gunners. However, he needs to blend in with Arteta's philosophy and vision. One thing noticed is that he tends to slow the pace of Arsenal's passing. Arteta wants a quicker game, something that Dani Ceballos gave him. Hence, Guendouzi needs to make adjustments soon. If not, he could be sitting in the sidelines more often for the Gunners.

Matteo Guendouzi
Arsenal's French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi Getty Images | OLI SCARFF/AFP