• Fati chosen to replace Sancho
  • Barca wants buy-back clause for Fati
  • Barca likely to recal Fati in the future

Jadon Sancho's exit is looming large with the 20-year-old likely to move out this summer. There are at least two teams keen on getting him from Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and Chelsea. Between the two, the former is looming as the most likely next stop for the English midfielder.

Whatever the case, the fact is that Sancho will leave a big void on the Die Borussia side. But it appears Dortmund already has a player in mind. He is Ansu Fati of Barcelona who made quite an impression when he debuted and made four goals in seven La Liga starts. Even better is the fact that the Catalan Giants are reportedly willing to let the 17-year-old to leave but temporarily, Sport reported.

If they are successful, Fati would be the third young footballer they would include in the fray. Other young booters they were able to get include Ousmane Dembele and Erling Haaland. However, Dortmund will have to cough up a whopping £148 million first to secure Fati's release clause. Aside from that, Barca is reportedly only interested in dealing Fati if there is a buy-back clause included. The Catalan Giants are aware that Fati can still develop - something they are unfortunately now known for.

The reason for this is because Barca could end up failing to land a new attacker in the coming years. They view Fati as someone who can eventually fill in that hole, justifying the requirement of having a buy-back clause in place. It remains to be seen if Borussia would be amenable to having that in place.

As for Sancho, it was mentioned in a previous article how he wanted to move to a team only if they were guaranteed to win the Champions League trophy. United is in a precarious situation, sitting behind Chelsea and Liverpool. Both teams are also reportedly interested in Sancho.

For now, there is no word if those demands will be in place. But if United is pushing forward with the deal, these have likely been sorted out. At any rate, a deal could be in place by the next transfer window.

The said move is despite talks that most teams may be holding off any big-name transfers to help them curb down losses. With no football action, teams are feeling the financial pinch brought by the coronavirus. It will be interesting if Sancho and Fati will be exceptions.

Ansu Fati became the youngest player to score in the Champions League when he netted Barcelona's winner away to Inter
Ansu Fati became the youngest player to score in the Champions League when he netted Barcelona's winner away to Inter AFP / Isabella BONOTTO