• Lampard is addressing contracts of top players
  • Giroud and Willian may get long-term deals
  • Lampard understands why players are cautious about returning

Chelsea FC manager Frank Lampard is one of many in waiting if Premier League action will indeed restart. But for the former England midfielder, there is more to tackle for the Blues right now. Among them include addressing the contracts of top stars like Olivier Giroud and Willian.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Lampard explained admits that there remains a cloud of uncertainty on whether the season will resume. He mentions how there are big players with expiring deals and that he is now carefully looking into them before their deals expire.

“It is still uncertain if and when play will get underway. We have big players [out of contract] so that's something I'm looking at very carefully,” Lampard said.

Chelsea is only three points ahead of Manchester United with nine games to go. They need all the help they can get and keep players focused on playing is important. That includes keeping the minds of their current but expiring deals and watching out for their overall health, reported.

Of the two, the name of Willian has been linked to several teams. Among the clubs mentioned include Arsenal and Liverpool. One thing that Lampard will have to deal with is the demands of the Brazilian's demand for a three-year deal. But one thing that could work to the Blues favor is that Willian is not entirely keen on leaving London. He mentioned this via the Players' Tribune. Hence, it all boils down to Chelsea agreeing to a three-year deal and not the two-year deal they are offering.

As for Giroud, contract talks had already started. He is seeking a long-term deal as well but Chelsea offered him only a one-year pact. The reason seen behind this is his age. He is already 33-years-old. He struggled at first, a reason why transfer rumors surfaced. But now, it appears he has settled down and the 33-year-old.

Lampard also touched on the topic where players are worried about returning to the field. Some footballers have aired their opinions on resuming play, most worried about their health. A decision is expected to be made on Monday that could dictate whether the first phase of training can resume.

“Everyone will handle those situations differently,” he said. “People like Troy Deeney, you have to give the freedom to speak out, because people will be speaking from the heart."

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is eager to make an impact in the transfer window
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is eager to make an impact in the transfer window IKIMAGES / Ian KINGTON