• Willian may not get his preferred three-year deal
  • Willian is likely to stay with Chelsea
  • Teams forecasted to have financial issues after COVID-19 pandemic

Football action is on a grinding halt and there is no telling when league play can resume safely. There is a lingering cloud of doubt in the air and the same holds for players with expiring deals. One of them includes Willian Borges da Silva, someone who had set expectations after this season.

The Brazilian is due for a new contract at the end of this season but now finds himself hanging. With the fate of the league unknown, his future is similarly put on hold. In a previous post, it was reported how Willian was looking forward to getting a three-year deal. But no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 31-year-old has now been left to wait before figuring out his next move.

According to Omnisport, Willian and Chelsea already started contract talks before the coronavirus pandemic. He revealed how he was seeking a three-year deal, but Chelsea was only willing to give him a two-year contract. Discussions ended there and it appeared the Brazilian was destined to leave the Blues with hopes of hooking up with a new team. But the COVID-19 pandemic may just alter that course.

"There were no more talks or negotiations. Chelsea said that three years would be impossible, so at the moment it seems unlikely that I'll extend, but nothing is impossible," Willian said.

However, Willian said that the door is not entirely closed. There is a chance that both sides could still reach an agreement. Given the situation, it is also possible that the winger could settle for a two-year deal instead. And the reason behind that is simple.

With no league play, affected are the revenues usually generated from football matches. Add as well that death tolls and infected individuals have required aid from players and clubs, future payrolls and offers will be affected.

It is understandable why Willian wants a long-term deal. He is at the point where most athletes would be getting their last big contract. But given the situation, the two-year deal offer is now becoming invaluable. Also, he appears to be happy in Chelsea and it may be wise for him to accept that and stay put.

"I've built something fantastic at Chelsea," he added. "I'm especially fond of the fans and the people that work there, and I've felt very settled."

Willian opened the scoring in Chelsea's 2-0 win FA Cup win over Liverpool
Willian opened the scoring in Chelsea's 2-0 win FA Cup win over Liverpool AFP / Glyn KIRK