• Premier League suspended indefinitely
  • Players, clubs left in tight spot following indefinite suspension
  • Football season likely to be cancelled

As most had feared, the Premier League has now indefinitely suspended the current season due to the coronavirus. After originally setting a restart date of Apr. 30, league officials found it improbable and risky to try and resume football action by the end of the month.

According to, all hopes of seeing Premier League action resuming on Apr. 30 are impossible. The league originally halted play last Mar. 13 when Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for COVID-19. And while Arteta is now in the recovery stages, the staggering number of infections by the virus raises more risks, something that the league and team officials are unlikely to gamble on.

With the latest development, the original plan of the league to finish this season before starting a new one holds low chances of materializing. In a previous post, Harry Kane of Tottenham had already aired that a deadline must be set to check the feasibility of finishing the season. For the 26-year-old striker, June was an acceptable date to re-evaluate if football action should continue or not. Going beyond that may not exactly be ideal.

The indefinite suspension also raises questions on the future of several players. Some have expiring contracts and the decision places them in a precarious position. Among the players who have expiring deals include Willian and Jan Vertonghen. Willian mentioned in a previous post that he preferred to stay in England while Vertonghen is trying to figure out where to play next since it may very well be the last contract of his football career.

Transfers will take a hit as well. The past weeks have seen speculations on possible moves involving Kane, Kepa Arrizabalaga and James Rodriguez. There was also the recent report of Tottenham winger Heung-min Son considering completing his military service if the league were to hold off play after Apr. 30.

Right now, the league and the players concerned hardly have any choice. The coronavirus continues to spread and no vaccine has come out to this day. The usual waiting time is one year but researchers and scientists are trying to rush its development. Until a cure comes out, there are a lot of complications affecting not only sports but the whole world.

Premier League matches have been postponed until at least April 30
Premier League matches have been postponed until at least April 30 AFP / Tolga AKMEN