• Tonali was urged to stay in Italy for now
  • Tonali is being pursued by several big Premier League teams
  • Brescia Calcio is asking a ridiculous $332 million for Tonali

Premier League teams are eager to infuse young talent, and one of them is Sandro Tonali of Italy. The 19-year-old teen has drawn interest from teams like FC Barcelona and Manchester City, with the midfielder reportedly being offered big money to make the move.

However, Sonali's agent believes it would be best for him to stay in Italy for now. His agent, Beppe Bozzo, downplayed transfer rumors involving the 19-year-old midfielder, believing it would be in his best interest to remain with his current team in Italy and hold off any moves to continue his career with his current club over in Italy, Gazzetta Dello Sport reported.

“There are undoubtedly important prospects for Sandro, at his age, few have had this opportunity," Bozzo said. “It’s better for Sandro to stay in Italy. He can immediately establish himself at a top club and it would be a shame for Serie A to lose him.”

Tonali has shown promise, a reason why multiple teams are willing to pay and get him on their side. Aside from Barca and Manchester City, some Serie A teams are making a push to acquire him. That includes Juventus and Inter. Brescia Calcio president Massimo Celino placed a hefty $332 million for them to agree to a transfer. He is under contract with Brescia until 2021.

Tonali is oozing with promise, a reason why Roma legend Francesco Totti has been keeping tabs with his progress. He hinted of being open to representing the teen midfielder, something Bozzo responded to in a report from

The willingness of top football teams to spend is a bit surprising considering most were expected to tighten up their belts. Most are dealing with lost revenue from the COVID-19-forced suspension of games. Some leagues have folded while others plan to restart by June 8. But the real focus will be after this season when teams try to manage their finances and squeeze in talent fit to their allotted budget.

"Sandro and I joked about it. We have chosen to share a path, with a project about his growth. The rest is just talk - but, if I may, a great champion loved everywhere like Totti is not necessarily a great agent," Bozzo said.

 Sandro Tonali of Brescia Calcio
Sandro Tonali of Brescia Calcio Getty Images | Emilio Andreoli