• Jovic returns with a mysterious foot injury for Real Madrid
  • Jovic will miss some games for Real Madrid
  • Jovic injury raises speculations on future

Real Madrid welcomed back its players, most fully rested but likely out of shape. With most confined to their homes, injured players were expected to be better and healthy players up and about. Sadly, controversial strike Luka Jovic returned with a mysterious fractured foot.

The Luka Jovic injury places him likely out of action for a certain period. He is likely to be sidelined for a couple of weeks after being diagnosed by an extra-articular fracture in the calcaneus bone of his right foot according to Madrid's official website. It remains unclear how Jovic sustained the injury as of this writing.

The development compounds the woes that Jovic is already facing. After being acquired from Eintracht Frankfurt for $65 million, the 22-year-old has not exactly performed well for Zinedine Zidane. Though he showed in some games at Bundesliga and the Europa League that he could score, the Serbian striker has failed to live up to expectations.

As mentioned in a previous post, Jovic has only accounted for two goals in 24 appearances this season. It was nowhere near the 27 goals he had with Eintracht Frankfurt and the word going around is that he has fallen out of Zizou's favor.

When the COVID-19 outbreak started to spread, Jovic was not spared from controversy. He was spotted outside his apartment in Serbia and received heavy criticism. He would later be called out to justify is actions and later on, apologized.

"While in Spain, I tested negative for coronavirus, and I decided to travel to Serbia," he said in a post on Instagram. "I am very sorry that some people did their job unprofessionally and did not give me the correct instructions on how to behave in self-isolation."

The Luka Jovic injury will be a big blow to Real as they prepare for the resumption of play against Barcelona next month. They are two points behind Barca before the season was suspended last March 11.

Concerning the future of Jovic, there are murmurs that he could be dealt away soon. Arsenal FC has been tagged as a possible destination. The Gunners are looking for a possible replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. AC Milan and Napoli were initially believed to be in the running but both clubs have reportedly cooled down any interest in the Serbian striker.

 Luka Jovic of Real Madrid
Luka Jovic of Real Madrid Getty Images | Alejandro/DeFodi Images