• Lunin sets lofty goal for football career
  • Lunin needs to work to claim Real top goalie position
  • Lunin is fine working his way to the top

Like most young stars, there are dreams for them to target. And for 21-year-old Andriy Lunin, his main goal is to return to Real Madrid and be the no. 1 goalie someday. Joining Real at the age of 19, the Ukrainian goalkeeper has spent the last two seasons out on loan but it appears he is starting to make some noise.

Currently at Oviedo, Lunin has finally achieved some mileage when he was able to crack the regular first-team over at Spain's Segunda Division. It is something to be proud of and he hopes that it would be the start of his quest to wear the no.1 jersey over at Real Madrid at some point moving forward.

"Of course I would love to go back to Madrid and compete there for the No.1 shirt," Lunin said to Madridista Real.  "But we will see a little later what the coach (Zinedine Zidane) has in mind and what will happen with the quarantine situation, which I hope turns out well."

However, crashing the goalkeeping needs of Los Blancos will not be easy. For one, he needs to show that he can do better than current goalie Thibaut Courtois. And considering that 27-year-old footballer is touted as one of the world's premier goalkeepers, it may take some time for Lunin to reach his dream, reported.

"I like a lot about him. For example, he is tall, almost two metres, like me albeit slightly taller. And I like how he uses his height, with low shots," Lunin said.

Regardless, Lunin is unfazed. He appears to be making it a point to continue to improve and the best thing he can do right now makes the most out of the opportunities given to him. His time will come and Lunin admits that believing in himself and maintaining hard work will eventually pay off.

"Of course I want to win everything with Madrid and Ukraine. They are difficult goals but, I repeat, you cannot stop or give up. You always have to work hard and believe and we will see how it all turns out," he said.