• Klopp could adjust plays if Werner joins Liverpool
  • Firmino could give way to Werner
  • Werner transfer may not happen due to financial problems of clubs

Timo Werner of RB Leipzig is one of the top targets in the next transfer window, with Liverpool FC at the head of the pack. Considering their loaded lineup, most feel that it makes no sense to bring the 24-year-old to Anfield. However, former English defender Danny Mills believes that Werner could be insurance for Jurgen Klopp if one of his regulars gets injured.

Mills gave his take on the potential move of Werner to Liverpool in a discussion with Football Insider. According to him, it is good practice to add quality to a team. With a vast array of talent, The Reds would not have to worry if someone goes down with an injury. However, he added that it all still boils down to whether Liverpool has the finances to acquire the German striker.

"They’ve lost one league game all season and one last season. There’s certainly not too much that needs to change but I do feel a top attacking player is needed but if the finances aren’t there, they aren’t there," Mills said.

Curiously, Mills was also asked on who could take a step back if Werner would head to Anfield. The 43-year-old former defender mentioned the name of Roberto Firmino. He did not get into detail on the reason why. However, Klopp could use them both simultaneously by altering their offensive attacks. From a 4-3-3 setup, The Reds could try using a 4-2-3-1 formation if Werner joined, reported.

Liverpool FC can do the adjustments which could make or break their success. This season, they have been rolling over opponents are practically considered the champions for the 2019-20 season. With so much talent like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Firmino, adding Werner raises more questions than answers.

But the main concern for Liverpool and most clubs right now is finances. Mills is aware that most are dealing with financial difficulties, something that could hinder a Werner transfer. Other teams are also interested in the German striker such as Manchester United and Chelsea FC. One of the teams will need to find a way to add Werner, someone who has already scored 91 goals in 153 appearances thus far. As mentioned in a previous post, the asking price of RB Leipzig for Werner is roughly $61.8 million.

Timo Werner has scored 10 goals in 27 appearances for Germany
Timo Werner has scored 10 goals in 27 appearances for Germany AFP / Ronny Hartmann