• Willian close to moving to Liverpool
  • Willian will finish season with Chelsea
  • Figures of offer to Willian undisclosed

Talks between Willan Borges da Silva and Chelsea have gotten nowhere and it appears the 31-year-old midfielder has found a taker. Liverpool has held talks with the Brazilian footballer and it appears that a generous offer has already been made.

According to Sport, the Reds have already discussed a potential transfer involving Willian. The development may come as a surprise since Liverpool was never mentioned as one of the potential suitors of the Brazilian. Barcelona, Arsenal, and Tottenham were previously linked to Willian.

In a previous post, it was reported how Chelsea and Willian were already engaged in contract talks. The Brazilian is reaching the end of his current deal and wanted a new three-year deal. Unfortunately, the Blues were only willing to offer a two-year contract. With both sides failing to reach an agreement, a Willian exit was widely expected. The only surprise now is that his next team is one that was never mentioned in transfer rumors.

Multiple football personalities believe that moving out of Chelsea would be for Willian's good. That includes Mircea Lucescu who feels that Willian has done his time for the Blues and that it is now time to try a change of scenery. Liverpool is an interesting destination, a team that reportedly fell in love with the Brazilian when they faced Chelsea in the Champions League.

Willian vowed that he will honor his current contract and play his heart out for the Blues. He wants to exit amicably and finish his contract with Chelsea as a professional. He plans to sit down with management to discuss how to go about it. Willian has no problem playing out until the end of the season.

This brings up an interesting scenario. As most know, football has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leagues have mentioned plans to resume games with certain provisions. That includes playing without fans and possibly wearing masks.

As for the offer made to Willian, it will be interesting when this was made. Teams are now cash-strapped due to inactivity, meaning lost revenue. Players who were expecting big paychecks at the end of this season could be in for a surprise with clubs likely to tighten up budgets. It will be interesting what Liverpool offered to Willian although it is likely to be a three-year deal.

Willian opened the scoring in Chelsea's 2-0 win FA Cup win over Liverpool
Willian opened the scoring in Chelsea's 2-0 win FA Cup win over Liverpool AFP / Glyn KIRK