Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has admitted that he was "angry' and "disappointed" after his side's 3-3 draw against Sheffield United in the Premier League on Sunday.

After 70 minutes of play at the Bramall Lane Stadium, Man Utd were 2-0 down. But, in the following 10 minutes, they netted three goals to take the lead. The trio of Brandon Williams, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford netted for the visiting club before Sheffield's Ollie McBurnie grabbed a well-deserving goal for the home side.

Speaking in the post-match interview, Solskjaer said," I was angry, disappointed, you had to wake them up. You had to do something about it. I could have changed every player at half-time, apart from the keeper. It wasn’t about tactics. It was about the desire first half, getting first to the ball, tackling, winning challenges. Sometimes tactics go out of the window. You have to earn the right to win a game and we didn’t have any right to win the game after 70 minutes. We were nowhere near a Man United team."

When he was asked if he was worried by his team's supposed lack of hunger to win a game these days, Solskjaer added," It’s not about a lack of desire (per se)… maybe it is that confidence in themselves. I don’t doubt them wanting to win but sometimes young players don’t know how to win challenges like this. We’ve learned a lot today – I’m sure they have. Release the fear, play with belief and confidence."

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Manchester United AFP / Oli SCARFF

Although the Man Utd boss accepted that his boys played poorly in the first half, he said he doesn't think they gave up at any point in Sunday's match.

"Today was a very poor performance. To be honest, I was thinking back to Everton. That team gave up but this didn’t. It was a great answer from the boys. We did play badly in the first half. We didn’t stick to what we had planned. It looked like fear. You don’t expect them to give up but last year we did. Now it’s positive. Even though the big part of this game is negative and you’re disappointed, to have the character to get it around is great. You’re disappointed not to hold on," he added.

Even though Sheffield didn't win, they still remain above the former champions on the Premier League table.