UPDATE: 2:26 a.m. EDT — The Royal household emergency meeting at the Buckingham Palace that stirred rumors about Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II was “no cause for concern,” a palace official told the Associated Press Thursday.

Original Story:

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are not dead, a Buckingham Palace press officer told TVNZ Thursday afternoon. The palace debunked rumors claiming the queen was in bad health and the Duke of Edinburgh was dead. 

"You could safely assume the Queen and Prince Philip are not dead," the palace reportedly said. While there has been no official statement issued by the palace, media gathered outside the Buckingham Palace and a press conference is expected to take place 

The rumors about Prince Philip's death were first sparked by the Daily Mail, which reported the queen's senior aides had called an emergency meeting earlier Thursday.

The report added staff from royal residences across the country have been ordered to London and will be addressed by the Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer of the Royal Household, as well as Her Majesty's right-hand man, Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.

The rumors about Prince Philip's death came just a day after the Royal Family released photos of the 95-year-old opening the new Warner Stand at Lord's following its $43 million reconstruction project.

"Today is a landmark moment for the club and we are very grateful to His Royal Highness for joining us to celebrate the official opening of the Warner Stand," Marylebone Cricket Club official Robert Ebdon said, in a press release.

"This truly outstanding facility will be enjoyed by visitors to Lord's for many years to come. MCC has always sought to commission innovative, unique buildings and stands that add to and complement the heritage of the ground and its surroundings."

In December last year, Prince Philip and the queen, were both facing health issues due to which the monarch had to skip annual holiday services. While Prince Philip's death would not affect the line of succession to the British throne, if Queen Elizabeth II dies, the crown will pass on to Prince Charles.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, who will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary November, have four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

In a 2015 report, the Daily Beast had reported if Prince Philip dies the palace will observe an eight-day mourning. The report also said flags at major institutions and military establishments (especially naval ones, given the Duke’s service in the Royal Navy) would be flown at half-mast. However, the Royal Standard flag above Buckingham Palace would not be lowered to half mast.

Just months after rumors about Queen Elizabeth II's death surfaced, the Guardian revealed in a March report the secret plan in the event of the world’s longest-reigning monarch's death. The details listed in the report did not mention any emergency meeting of all royal staff being called at Buckingham Palace.

The queen, who turned 91 this April, has been carrying out her royal duties and made several public appearances since battling a bad cold late last year. However, she gave up many royal duties when she turned 90, passing them on to Prince William and Kate Middleton, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry.