• MJF publicly announces when he will become a free agent and potentially move to WWE
  • His value to AEW as a top-tier heel is unmatched in the pro wrestling industry today
  • No one truly knows whether he means what he says due to his blurring of the lines

Since joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) has become one of the biggest attractions in modern pro wrestling and it is all because of his elite-level heel work.

However, he mentioned that he was looking into potentially moving to WWE once his AEW contract expires sometime soon.

MJF made the surprising announcement in a conversation with combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani.

“I didn’t get in this business to hit moves, I got into this business to make money. That’s why I’m not afraid to talk about when my contract is up, January 1, 2024, and I’m not afraid to stir that pot,” MJF proudly declared.

“It’s a constant reminder to (AEW founder and CEO) Tony Khan, ‘I need to step my game up,’ and it’s a constant reminder to WWE, who has extreme interest in me, ‘We’re going to need to make him a serious offer that he can’t refuse.'”

The fact that MJF revealed when his contract is set to expire is something worth noting as it is extremely rare for performers to disclose such sensitive information.

But one thing that most people should remember is whether MJF means what he says or not.

The 25-year-old from Plainview, New York has carried his in-ring persona to the real world and has made him an even more must-see attraction than ever before.

In his interactions with the public, MJF has never been afraid to make the people hate him which, in turn, draws crowds to AEW events where he is a featured attraction.

The best example of him blurring the lines between pro wrestling and real life was during his feud with CM Punk leading into AEW Revolution last March 6.

He recounted his road to becoming a pro wrestler, how much Punk meant to him at a personal level, and how much it hurt him to see Punk leave the industry despite his promises of always being there for his fans.

The voice cracks combined with the tears in his eyes made the promo such a highlight-reel performance for MJF that fans started wondering how much of it was real and how much of it was to sell their match at Revolution.

Whatever the case may be, fans have started to become wary of what MJF says outside of the ring since it could likely be a shoot, but it may also be true at the same time.

In simple terms, MJF is the only source for what he plans on doing with his career.