• Edinson Cavani wants out of PSG
  • Atletico Madrid expressed its interest to sign Cavani
  • Leonardo declined Madrid's offer

Veteran striker Edinson Cavani is reportedly leaving Paris Saint-Germain as he expressed his interest to start fresh on a new soccer club. 

PSG sporting director Leonardo broke the news as per an article published on the Bleacher Report, saying that the Uruguayan is ready to begin a new challenge after spending six-and-a-half-years with the French football club. 

"We always said the same thing for Cavani. We hoped that he would stay at the club. Today, he asked to leave. We are studying the situation," Leonardo said.

Andrew Steel of Goal also added that Atletico Madrid had since relayed its desire to acquire the 32-year-old footballer before Leonardo declined to accept an offer, citing significant discrepancies in the value of what his club would receive in return. 

"We had a proposal from Atletico Madrid. We did not have a proposal worthy of the player's worth. (But) I'm not sure Cavani will be here in February," the director added.

"Today, there is nothing (to say he will leave). But he has made the proposal to leave. We've never thought about selling him before. We will see how it turns out in the coming days, but we are listening to Cavani because we respect him. It's a little clearer now, with him at the end of his contract."

Leonardo made it clear that while the departure of Cavani is already beyond doubt, his actual move to release the Uruguay national will not be made in a hurry. 

"There are many alternatives. (But)it's hard to replace a player like Cavani. We must decide with lucidity," Leonardo continued. "Like I said, we never thought about (selling him), but we are listening. The most important thing is balancing everybody's desire. You can't influence the (rest of the) group either. We (and Cavani)have always spoken with a lot of peace. We are talking about a story of six and a half years between us, not a week. There is a lot of respect between us."