Black Widow
Black Widow is totally on this list. Marvel

The debate over who's the best or strongest superhero will never end. When it comes to female Marvel superheroes, there are so many badass women to choose from. A new infographic surely will stir up more conversation based on its rankings of these comic characters based on fighting skills and strength.

The graphic from Morph Costumes lists the fighting skills, strength and superpower to create a Badass Rating. Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, tops the list, but Elektra, Black Widow, Rogue and Gamora are not far behind her. These characters make sense based on their fighting skills and reputation. Most of the female Marvel superheroes are represented, but we would have liked to see characters like Psylocke, Black Cat or Valkyrie, though credit is due for selecting Meggan Puceanu and Misty Knight. Jean Grey is probably ranked low on the infographic because it doesn't include her stint as Dark Phoenix.

With Captain Marvel topping the list of fictional characters, it would only make sense that a real badass woman, Ronda Rousey, would be reimagined as a superhero. Artists have depicted the UFC women's bantamweight champion as Captain Marvel and Rousey has shared a few of her favorite images on Instagram. The most powerful superhero meets the strongest female fighter in the world seems pretty perfect.

The Badass Female Marvel Superheroes infographic can be viewed below.

Badass Female Marvel Characters
The fiercest, strongest female Marvel superheroes. Morph Costumes