"I just killed Kamil ... I need to be arrested" — that's how a recorded 999 call from Bristol, England in July 2016 started. The killer fatally stabbed his neighbor under the delusion he was a terrorist. 

Jeffrey Barry, a paranoid schizophrenic , falsely accused his Kurdish neighbor, Kamil Ahmad, of being a rapist and terrorist. The killing occurred around 2 a.m. July 7 — just hours after Barry, 56, was released from a psychiatric hospital, according to a Wednesday report by the Telegraph

Barry's dismissal was opposed by doctors, but according to the Bristol Crown Court, his exit was permitted by a "mental health tribunal," even though the 56-year-old had an extensive history of mental illness.

According to the BBC, Barry alerted officials about Ahmad weeks before the attack. 

"I warned the crisis team," Barry told the operator. "They ignored me."  

Ahmad suffered 25 stab wounds, including his face and stomach. A post-mortem report concluded Amhad's penis was cut off after death. 

The victim was remembered by loved ones "as a deeply loved member of the family."

The victim's family released a statement asking why he was not protected. 

"We have one question: Why was Kamil not protected by the authorities from this violent racist?" they asked. "We call on all the authorities to give an honest answer to this question without delay, so that Kamil can rest in peace and so that other vulnerable people are protected."

Attorney Tony Murphy, who represented the Ahmad family, said that due to Barry's past behavior, Ahmad was vulnerable and this attack could have been avoided. 

"In those circumstances, the apparent and total absence of a plan to protect Kamil upon Barry's discharge is extremely concerning," Murphy said in a statement. "Had there been a plan, Kamil would be alive today."

Barry was convicted of murder. His sentence was supposed to be handed Tuesday, but was suspended until November 10, according to the Bristol Post.