• Rafael Nadal is eyeing to have a healthy season in 2022
  • Nadal has been privately taking some pointers from other players and incorporate it to his
  • The 35-year-old is well aware that he has to deal with ageing

Despite being one of the greatest players to ever do it, men’s tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is still learning his trade.

With countless accolades written across his name, many are convinced that Nadal already reached “GOAT” status and arguably, has almost no holes in his game.

However, this has not been the case for the former World No. 1 as he is no stranger to defeats.

Moreover, Nadal is just like any other legendary athletes who have unparalleled dedication to always perform at their best.

According to Nadal, he has developed a habit of taking a few leaves from other players’ playbooks, but he “never copied” the playing style of any of them.

Instead, he picks what he thinks is suited to his style of play.

 "As a kid, I loved to practice so much that I spent a lot of time on the court, but I've never copied other players,” Nadal recently told Japanese magazine Number. “To be honest, that doesn't mean I don't look at other players. I watch other players and examine how they manage their game. Speculating their thoughts behind their game, I embrace the essence that suits my style of play. Where do you stand on the court, how do you move, how do you hit?”

What’s even more interesting, Nadal went on to admit that he had also “watched thousands of videos on YouTube” to learn new things and how to deal with “aging.”

“I have watched thousands of videos on YouTube for inspiration,” the Spanish legend revealed. “If there is a clue to being the best, you should always pursue the game's innovative ideas. When you lose your edge due to aging, you can make up for it with new ideas."

Spain's Rafael Nadal withdrew from the ATP Toronto Masters before his second-round opener with a nagging left foot injury Spain's Rafael Nadal withdrew from the ATP Toronto Masters before his second-round opener with a nagging left foot injury. Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Mitchell Layton

Having endured a “difficult” 2021, Nadal is slowly getting back up following a series of injuries.

It can be recalled that a back injury, hindered the 35-year-old’s form at the Australian Open. He then began experiencing a foot problem during the Roland-Garros semifinal against Novak Djokovic which prompted him to end his season

The said injury also forced Nadal to miss two of this year’s most prestigious tournaments--the Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics.

However, the 20-time Grand Slam winner is determined to make a statement comeback in 2022.

“I've had a difficult moment of uncertainty [this year] due to injuries and I got over it, that makes winning more special," he teased.