Manchester United-s Park challenges Rangers- Papac during their Champions League Group C soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester.
Manchester United-s Park challenges Rangers- Papac during their Champions League Group C soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester. Reuters

The Rangers: McGregor, Davis, Whittaker, Broadfoot, Weir, Foster, Naismith, McCulloch, Hutton, Weiss, Miller.

Subs: Alexander, Fleck, Beattie, Loy, Perry, Wylde.

Manchester United: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Evans, Smalling, Fabio Da Silva, Nani, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs, Berbatov, Rooney.

Subs: Amos, Evra, Brown, Anderson, Hernandez, Obertan, Macheda.

Referee: Massimo Busacca

Team News
Rangers left-back Sasa Papac is doubtful after a head injury while Madjid Bougherra (hamstring), Maurice Edu (knee), James Beattie (hip and thigh) and Andy Webster (groin) are all out injured.

United have opted to rest Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic while Giggs and Rooney are tipped to play a part in the match after coming back from respective injuries. Darron Gibson, Gary Neville, Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen and Darren Fletcher are all sidelined with injury.


Rangers will try and weather the tides in the initial stages when United attack in full flow. However, they will gradually move forward and try and score on the counter as they will be desperate for a win to keep their hopes alive. United though are a quality outfit and will prove a tough team to break. A 2-0 victory for the visitors looks likely.

1 min:IBTimes - Rangers have set themselves around the pitch in their preferred defensive 5-1-3-1!

United kick-off and we're off!

2 min:IBTimes - Berbatov is brought down early from behind by Davis in the Rangers D. No penalty though.

5 min:IBTimes - Big news for United here is that Wayne Rooney finally starts. The United fans seems to have forgiven him after the standing ovation they washed him with during his substitute appearance against Wigan during the weekend.

8 min:IBTimes - First shot on target is a tame one from Berbatov, but it was a good build up, with United slickly stringing together short passes around the middle before Fabio rushed in down the left wing to cross. Berbatov heads off balance but it's straight into the arms of McGregor.

10 min:IBTimes - First corner of the game for United, after a Berba cross from the right is headed out by Whittaker. It's taken short and is finally layed-off for Paul Scholes to try one of his trademark long rangers. However, he is closed down and his shot blocked before he could really tee himself up. Good defending from the Scots.

14 min:IBTimes - United taking majority of possession here, strolling around the park with ease. But it wasn't unexpected. Corner for United here.

15 min:IBTimes - Giggs takes it short, and crosses in the return from Nani. But it's headed out only to find a red shirt outside the D. He is closed down quickly though. United pushing high up the pitch.

16 min:IBTimes - Now Rangers have a free-kick taken by Davis. It was floated into the box and Weir heads it onto a good area. But the header just goes wide. Could have been a surprise opener there.

20 min:IBTimes - Ouch. McCulloh will feel that one. He is receiving treatment after Paul Scholes' slid in for the ball, but caught him with the follow-up.

21 min:IBTimes - Now Rangers string together a few passes before Weir tried to find Weiss with a long pass from near the half-way line. But it is read by Smalling, who hoofs it outside.

26 min:IBTimes - Foster breaks down the left and tries to speed his way through the left flank, but Berbatov did well to track him back all the way and clear danger. Now United attack, and Berbatov finds the ball on the right. His cross was attempted for a volley by Rooney, but he miscues his shot, and it flies over high and wide.

29 min:IBTimes - Rangers are playing with their typical defensive solidity. United are yet to make a clear-cut, outright chance on goal.

31 min:IBTimes - Now Rangers have a free-kick in a good position after Naismith was brought down by Scholes. It is around 35 to 40 yards from goal, slightly left of center.

32 min:IBTimes - However, it comes to nothing as it is clipped in towards Weir but was defended well by Evans who blocked Weir from the ball.

39 min:IBTimes - 10 minutes left for the first half and this game is yet to see it's first real opportunity on goal.

42 min:IBTimes - United string together a number of one-touch passing which ended up with Nani exchanging a one-two with Berbatov, but flashed his shot wide. Clever passing work from United.

45 min:IBTimes - Rooney comes closes this first half. A great lifted cross in from Fabio down the left is headed onto the cross bar by the returning Englishman.

42 min:IBTimes - Oh, that was Rangers best chance and probably should have been one-nil. Miller escaped the defender and was coming across goal from near the by-line. He had an option wide open across goal, but he chose to shoot near-post form an impossible angel, which Van der Saar saved for a corner.

Half Time: Wrap - That was the half-time whistle and Rangers have held on for 0-0 at half time. Kinda similar to the earlier fixture at Old Trafford on September. However, with results in need, the second half will be interesting. It's time for a break, and i'll see you all after a cuppa.

87 Min: IBTimes - Score line still the same. 0-0 with 75 minuts on the clock.

88 Min: IBTimes - Unied Substitution - Hernandez On, Berbatov Off, Nani Off, Obertan On.

90 Min: IBTimes - Now Carrick tries to get past McGregor from long range, around 45 yards out. But it flies high and wide.

91 Min: IBTimes - Rangers Substitution - Weiss Off, Fleck On.

93 Min: IBTimes - 10 minutes left in the game, and United still looking for their first goal against Rangers.

94 Min: IBTimes - Hutton sees a yellow after sliding in late into Fabio.

96 Min: IBTimes - United corner after a Rooney shot flies wide off a Rangers body. However, Gigg's inswinger fails to trouble the defence as it is headed out, while the return ball in ends up going out for a goal-kick.

97 Min: IBTimes - Penalty to United! Fabio is brought down in the box after Naismith raises a leg too high into Fabio's chest. Rooney to take it.

98 Min: IBTimes - GOAL! 1-0 UNITED! Rooney!

A superb penalty

99 Min: IBTimes - It is smashed into the bottom right corner of McGergor's goal and nothing the keeper could do about it. Rooney's exuberant celebration shows speaks volumes about his torrid last few weeks.

101 Min: IBTimes - Rangers have a free-kick from far out. O'shea defends the floater well. The game is in its stoppage time now, which referee signals is three minutes.

103 Min: IBTimes - Now United just passing the ball around, rarely giving Rangers a sight of the ball.

104 Min: IBTimes - Whittaker gets a yellow, after his frustr

105 Min: IBTimes - Full time - Rangers 0-1 Manchester United

Full Time IBTimes: Wrap - Manchester United are through to the knock-outs after the penalty gave them victory over Rangers. It wasn't the most exciting match. There weren't many chances and Rangers keeper McGregor did well to hold what was thrown at him. However, Wayne Rooney scored that late penalty for United, after Fabio was brought down by Naismith, to ensure United progress. They face Valencia in match-day 6 to decide who takes top spot. Well, that's it from us at ibtimes. Tune in to our website - - for the latest on sports. Also stay notified on our next game for live-coverage. That's it, then. Good day all. Cheers.

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