A 24-year-old Yale University lab technician was arrested Thursday morning and charged for the murder of Annie Le, a crime that police has called a concerning case of workplace violence.

Raymond Clark III did not resist to the arrest and it was reported that several onlookers broke out in applause at the moment, according to the New York Post. Clark was taken into custody at the Super 8 motel in Cromwell, 25 miles away from Yale campus, after DNA tests linked him to the crime.

It is important to note that this is not about urban crime, university crime, domestic crime, but an issue of workplace violence, which is becoming a growing concern around the country, New Haven police Chief James Lewis said Thursday.

If Clark is convicted for Le's murder he would be guilty of choking his fellow worker to death and then stuff her body inside a wall on the basement of that building.

Annie Le was supposed to get married on September 13 to a Columbia University graduate. Clark was engaged to Jennifer Hromadka who also worked as a lab technician and was going to get married with her on 2011. It is unknown if Clark and Le had a relationship at any time.

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The cause of murder remains unknown but it is believed Clark had an unrequited love interest in Annie Le, the New Haven Independent reported this week, citing a law enforcement source familiar with the probe.

Clark reportedly had deep scratches on his body and bruises on his arms which raised suspicions from investigators, the New York Times noted.

Clark's bail was set on $3 million and he is scheduled to appear on October 6 in court.