• Sergio Ramos has made 100 goals as a Real Madrid defender
  • Ramos says that personal feat comes second
  • Ramos could amplify his numbers on the stat sheet in the club's coming games

Sergio Ramos continues to make his case as the best center-back in the sport today, turning in a stellar performance in Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League victory over Inter Milan on Tuesday.

It was a historic night for the 34-year-old star as he netted his 100th career goal at the 33rd minute of the match, delivering a header off Toni Kroos’ corner that gave his team a comfortable 2-0 lead.

Although Inter Milan retaliated and managed to tie the ball game at 2-2-, Zinedine Zidane’s men were able to break the deadlock to walk away with their hands raised in triumph.

19-year-old prodigy Rodrygo received a low cross from Vinicius and shot the ball to the top corner to secure the win for Los Blancos.

Ramos may have proven that he deserves a spot in Real Madrid history as the highest-scoring defender, but for the 34-year-old, it's just the icing on the cake.

“I’m really pleased. For me, it’s a cluster of emotions. I’m very happy on a personal level, as you say, to have reached the 100-goal mark. At the end of the day, individual prizes always come second, but it’s really pleasing to be recognized for scoring 100 goals after so many intense years and so many sacrifices,” he said after their win.

For 16 years with Real Madrid, the Spaniard has been known as a defender who makes it difficult for any opposing team to generate offense on the field. But he has also cemented himself as one of the best goalscorers in the game.

Ramos is only the 21st player to score 100 goals for Real Madrid, tying with Fernando Morientes. He is five goals behind Gareth Bale and four off Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

The offensive boost Ramos gave the Santiago Bernabeu-based squad propelled them to their first win in the Champions League. They now occupy the No. 3 spot in Group B of the table with a total of four points.

Real Madrid will be looking to rely on Ramos’ all-around expertise in their head-to-head encounter with Valencia on Sunday in La Liga.

Sergio Ramos celebrates scoring a penalty in Real Madrid's win over Barcelona on Saturday.
Sergio Ramos AFP / LLUIS GENE