Washington Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams will be unable to play in the NFL's Pro Bowl Sunday because of injuries sustained during a bar fight at a Honolulu nightclub early Friday.

Williams, who is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 325 pounds, was injured by an unknown assailant who first smashed a bottle over his head and then Tasered him, the Washington Post reported. He required seven stitches after the altercation.

Besides Williams, two other men were injured during the fight. One man was arrested, but his name has not yet been made public.

Williams has been replaced on the Pro Bowl roster by Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil, who will be one of seven Vikings on the squad.

Cited by NBC Sports ProFootballTalk, the NFL said in a statement late Friday that Williams “was the victim of an assault at a nightclub in central Honolulu early this morning and another individual has been arrested. Due to an injury sustained during the assault, he will not play in the Pro Bowl and has been replaced by Matt Kalil. Trent is still a member of this year’s NFC All-Star team and will be on the sidelines this Sunday wearing his jersey. He will be credited with a Pro Bowl appearance and receive a full player’s share.”

Honolulu police do not consider Williams a suspect in this case. When questioned whether Williams was under investigation, Honolulu police representative Michelle Yu answered, “I would not say that,” according to the Associated Press via USA Today.

Williams’ teammates insisted the offensive tackle was simply attacked and played no role in the altercation, other than that of victim.

Fellow Redskin lineman Jammal Brown took to Twitter to express sympathy for Williams and note he was blameless in the incident.

“D-- somebody gave my boy Trent Williams 7 stitches. Wasn't his fault. Don't hate. He did nothing wrong,” Brown tweeted.