NBA icon and former Philadelphia 76ers superstar Allen Iverson stunned the crowd during the release of his redesigned signature Reebok Answer 5 sneakers.

Reebok and street designer Eric Emanuel collaborated to reintroduce limited edition of NBA legend Allen Iverson's Answer 5 signature sneakers at ComplexCon Chicago.

The event appeared to be a success as people gathered around the area to take pictures and have their pairs of Answer 5 signed by Iverson himself. A short video clip was uploaded on YouTube just yesterday, in which the legend seemed to be having some great time while promoting his shoe.

Iverson amazed the crowd as he drains some hoops and plays basketball with kids in the middle of the event.

A few days ago, Iverson has already posted on his official social media accounts that he will take part in promoting the redesigned version of one of his classic I3 signature shoes produced by Reebok courtesy of New York based designer Eric Emanuel.

Emanuel put a new look at the iconic sneakers which comes in fresh set of colors yellow with shimmering silver and a white with a vivid hot pink patent leather, Sneaker News reported.

The rare version of the shoe reportedly highlights the classic I3 logo completed with Emanuel’s logo branding on the insoles.

Alongside the Answer 5 sneakers, apparel and accessories including mesh basketball shorts and tops inspired by the influence Iverson had on Emanuel as a kid will also be featured in the said event.

Iverson was the first athlete to leave Georgetown University for the NBA and was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers as the number one overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft.

He instantly became one of the most sought-after NBA sensations and has become ultimately famous for revolutionizing the crossover move and his unique on and off-court personality.

The 6-feet guard had rivaled with the best shooting guards in the league including Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen and Vince Carter. Despite being a bit shorter than the average player in his position,Iverson managed to dominate the league to become the 2001 NBA MVP. 

Iverson's career went downhill when he got criticized for his infamous opinion about "practice" but managed to somehow revive his career by playing pro basketball overseas for a short period of time.

Famous rapper, producer and actor Ice Cube also took part in Iverson's basketball comeback when he managed to get the superstar play in "Big 3."

Allen Iverson Turkey Photo: Reuters