Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) is surrounded by enemies in Scotland in “Reign” Season 4. The fiery monarch successfully discovered the identity of the woman who was supplying information to the English about the delivery of grains and ammunition in her country. The English attacked these supplies frequently in the past.

Shockingly, “Reign” revealed that something is terribly wrong with King Charles (Spencer MacPherson). His behavior is becoming more and more erratic with each passing day. What will happen this week on The CW series?

Well, Mary is going to soon learn that someone she trusted has been lying to her. The promo of episode 3 shows her lover Gideon (Ben Geurens) colluding with Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) to weaken the Scottish queen’s power. “The longer Mary is away from power,” he begins, “the harder it will be for anyone to see her as queen,” she finishes.

Therefore, Gideon shows her the life she could have if she chose love over her country. His plan begins with asking her to marry him. Then, he whisks her off to a romantic rendezvous away from the castle. This English subject has certainly turned his charm on.

However, Gideon’s efforts to keep Mary away from the throne may not last long. She will still be plotting against her cousin with the help of her half-brother James (Dan Jeannotte).

Meanwhile, in the French court, Catherine de Medici (Megan Follows) will try to cover her son’s increasingly eccentric behavior, according to the synopsis (via TVGuide). Charles appeared pale, sweaty and bloody when we last saw him. What is happening to the King of France?

Meanwhile, Claude (Rose Williams) will find an unlikely enemy in her sister Leeza (Anastasia Phillips).

“Reign” Season 4, episode 3 premieres Friday, Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.