Anthony Weiner
U.S.Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner's political career nosedived after it was revealed that he sent a picture of his genitals to a 21-year-old college student in Seattle via his Twitter account.After initially denying the allegation of lewd behaviour, the disgraced politician from New York finally admitted to having "exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years" and resigned from office. Reuters

Representative Anthony Weiner has tied himself up in inner ware fabric, as if it were. His remarkable fall from grace has been the top story for days on end and compromising content about him, both text and images, is mushrooming on the Internet.

Dealing him further embarrassment, it has been suggested that Weiner might have forced himself on women he met online.

Weiner has admitted that he had inappropriate online relationships with six women. Transcripts of interactions with one woman, a casino worker from Las Vegas, revealed that he indulged in explicit sexual chat with her, online and on the phone. It was also revealed that he used a government phone to engage in sex chat with her.

The latest slice of sleaze to hit the fan is a photo showing a man's genitals, which Weiner apparently took of himself and sent to one of his mistresses over the Internet.

Weiner didn’t dispute the story. His spokesperson pointed out in a statement that Weiner had admitted earlier that he had taken explicit photos of himself and sent to women.

However, revelations by another online female partner have complicated things for him a bit more.

Gennette Cordova, the woman to whose account Weiner accidentally tweeted the controversial crotch image, said the whole episode of Weiner sending her an explicit photo didn’t make any sense.

The 21-year-old college student said she was shocked by Wiener's decision to send such an image. Unlike Weiner's exchanges with Lisa Weiss, the 40-year-old Democratic Party sympathizer, Weiner apparently tried to twist the nature of online interactions with Cordova, it has been reported.

Asked if she was shocked over Weiner sending the crotch photo, she said, “Oh gosh, yes, according to the Boston Globe.

The Globe reports further: In rapid and reckless fashion, he sought to transform informal online conversations about politics and policy into sexually charged exchanges, often laced with racy language and explicit images.

In an interview with the New York Times, Cordova said she could not digest Weiner's claim that he sent the underwear image as part of a joke. “I still didn’t get the joke part of it,’’ she said.

She said she and her boy friend started following the Congressman after they were impressed with the way he took on Republican leaders. The controversial image sent to her account by Weiner was unlike their previous interactions, she said.