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Sofia Vergara

New Sofia Vergara Pictures Recall Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal [VIDEO]

The beautiful Sofia Vergara has been getting more attention than usual lately because of photographs that surfaced of her body painting with her friend, Spanish-American artist Domingo Zapata. Because of the planned nature of the photo shoot, she'll be able to avoid the embarrassment that's plagued the Duchess of Cambridge since the eruption of the Kate Middleton topless-photo scandal.
Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict Visits Lebanon As Protests Spread Over 'Innocence If Muslims' Movie

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Lebanon Friday amid heightened tensions in the Muslim and Arab world as protests spread, some violent, in response to an anti-Islam movie produced in the U.S. The pope's three-day visit is focused on expressing support for Christians throughout the region who increasingly feel threatened amidst the rising influence of Islamists following the Arab Spring.
Barack Obama at DNC

There Is No Debate, Obama Saved Ohio

Clearly, there is no debate. Based on the facts, it’s Obama who deserves all of the credit. His actions and policies saved the great State of Ohio from economic calamity.
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'Innocence of Muslims' And 5 Other Western Depictions Of Mohammed That Inflamed The Islamic World

The depiction of the prophet Mohammed in the Western media has long been a sore point among Muslims, who view the artistic expressions as blasphemous and highly offensive. "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Mohammed film that gained YouTube notoriety and spurred the Benghazi, Libya, attack that killed Ambassador, is hardly the first Western media reference to the prophet to incite religious backlash.
Geert Wilders

Dutch Parliamentary Elections: Will Far-Right Freedom Party Defy Polls Again?

Far-right Dutch politician and leader of the ultra-conservative Freedom Party (PVV) Geert Wilders formerly established his party in parliament on a platform of Islamophobic anti-immigration, and now seeks to turn nationalist sentiment against the eurozone amid frustrations with debt-laden countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. Poll indicate his party will lose seats this election, but it has defied expectations in the past.
The guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd responds to a distress call from the master of the Iranian-flagged fishing dhow Al Molai, who claimed he was being held captive by pirates in the Arabian Sea

US Missile Defense Strategy Is Flawed: Panel

A congressionally mandated report to assess the feasibility, practicality and affordability of the U.S. missile defense and its efficiency in countering nuclear or conventional missile attacks from Iran or North Korea has found that the nation's defense strategy suffers from major flaws.
McClintock High School Chargers football players take part in a scrimmage in Tempe

Cut Sports, Cut Quality Of Life

For all of us who grew up with ample access to sports and the arts, it's difficult to see how our school systems have evolved, practically eliminating the character-building program of sports participation.


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