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Bruce Wright wrote and worked for The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Boston Globe before coming to the International Business Times. He is a news junkie who loves hip-hop and hoops. Contact Bruce at and/or follow him on Twitter @bctw.


A Timeline Of Sean Spicer Controversies

Sean Spicer's comparison of Adolf Hitler to the Syrian president was just the latest verbal flub from President Donald Trump's White House press secretary.

Muslim Launches Arizona Bid For Senate

If Deedra Abboud can secure the Democratic nomination, she would face off against an incumbent who has taken a very active stance against discriminatory rhetoric that targets Muslims.

Rhetoric Ramps Up From Top Diplomats

Foreign relations leaders from a handful of countries, including the U.S., have made some bold threats in the days following American airstrikes against a Syrian air base.

Iowa State Navy Photo Scandal Erupts

The Facebook page where the pictures were posted to was called Glorious Order of the Sextant and described as being "dedicated to the preservation of those nautical, professional, and social...