Sage Steele speaks onstage at the 2013 espnW: Women + Sports Summit at St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, Oct. 9, 2013, in Dana Point, California. Getty Images

The removal of ESPN anchor Sage Steele from the network's NBA coverage was being blown way out of proportion, according to the president of the sports-only cable TV station. Steele was replaced by another ESPN personality in an unexpected announcement Tuesday, but she was still staying with the network.

"Sage has done a wonderful job for us in a number of important roles," ESPN President John Skipper told USA TODAY on Thursday. "As previously announced, her SportsCenter presence has grown and this week alone she has led our coverage from the men’s Final Four and the Masters. Sage definitively has a bright and long-term future at ESPN and my complete support."

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Skipper's comment ran counter to the narrative that subsequently sprouted on social media that falsely reported that Steele was fired from the network.

Steele, who has a significant presence on social media and has used the medium to voice her opinions on a number of topics, has not publicly addressed ESPN's personnel move. Instead, she has continued to post pictures on Instagram of her at work covering golf's prestigious The Masters tournament for ESPN.

It was unclear what prompted the decision to give Michelle Beadle the job hosting "NBA Countdown" on ABC and ESPN, but Steele has previously voiced her opinion on a number of contentious topics, resulting in waves of criticism from those who disagreed with her sentiments. Because of those outspoken opinions that have many times been based on race relations in the U.S., many black Twitter users rejoiced when they learned of the news that Steele had been replaced.

Among the controversial discussions she weighed in on were President Donald Trump's proposed travel ban that would lopsidedly affect Muslims and the NFL "kneeling" protest over the National Anthem. But perhaps what stoked the ire of black people the most was when Steele, who is a biracial African-American, said the worst racism she had ever experienced was at the hands of black people.

"Instead of praising or uplifting each other, way too many people of color choose to tear down, mock and spew hatred at other blacks who feel differently, think differently, or make decisions that are different from theirs," Steele wrote on her Facebook page. "That, my friends, is hypocrisy at its best. Or should I say, its hypocrisy at its worst."