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David Sirota is International Business Times' senior editor for investigations. He is also a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and a bestselling author. He lives in Denver, Colorado and covers the intersection of money, politics and finance. He appears periodically on national television shows and has been published in (among others) The New York Times Magazine, Politico, The Atlantic, Harper’s,, Vice and He also has served as a journalist and consultant on documentaries for CNN and The National Geographic Channel. In 2014, he was the winner of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers' investigative journalism award, and the winner of the Izzy Award for Journalism from Ithaca College's Park Center for Independent Media. He was also a finalist for UCLA's Gerald R. Loeb Award and Syracuse University's Mirror Award. Before becoming a journalist in 2006, Sirota worked in Washington for, among others, U.S. Rep. Bernie Sanders, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee Minority Staff and the Center for American Progress. He also worked on political campaigns. For Sirota's full biography, go to

Trump SOTU

Can Democrats Restrict Trump’s Power To Launch Nukes?

“We should be concerned that he has the ability to launch nuclear weapons with literally no checks and balances,” says the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Ted Lieu. “One of the things you want to avoid is a fatal miscalculation.”

Senators Want To Force Convicted Banks To Help Insure Pensions

The Democrats’ bill comes weeks after the Department of Labor issued waivers to convicted banks, including one that owns at least $130 million of debt from President Trump, allowing them to manage funds in federally regulated retirement systems.
Chris Christie

Chris Christie’s $5 Billion Choices

He started his governorship canceling a tunnel project over its $5 billion price tag. Now Christie is ending his tenure pushing to hand a big gift to Amazon.

Corker Demands Answers About Last-Minute Tax Break

In response to IBT’s investigation, the GOP senator is pressing his party for answers about the provision, which could enrich Corker and other GOP lawmakers. Corker also said the provision was in the House version of the bill, a claim experts disputed.