Articles by Eleazar David Meléndez
NYSE Nov 2012 2

ICE Makes $8.2 Billion Bid For NYSE

Exchange operator Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) said Thursday it was looking to buy the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange for $8.2 billion.
Bernanke 12 Dec 2012 2

Fed: 6.5% Unemployment Or Bust

The Fed Wednesday announced a new round of monetary easing and, in a historic turn, tied future actions to a numerical jobless target.
ECB Draghi 2012 2

Draghi: Why You No Love Me?

ECB President Draghi faced a hostile reception at a monthly q-and-a session, as the media pressured him on Europe's economic woes.


US Congress

Congress Moves To Reclaim Its War Powers

The Biden administration has called for more congressional oversight of military actions, saying the powers granted in 2001 and 2002 were too broad and invite abuse by power-hungry presidents.