Howard Schneider

GDP May Fall Again In Q2. Does It Mean Recession?

Between the backlogged orders from Christmas, ongoing high demand, and an improving flow of products from around the world, goods flooded into the United States in the first three months of this year at a record $3.4 trillion annual pace.

Fed's Bostic: 'Everything In Play' For July Rate Hike

Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael Bostic on Wednesday stoked rising expectations for more aggressive Fed action ahead, saying higher than expected June inflation might require policymakers to consider a 100 basis point increase at their meeting later this month.

Kansas City Fed's George Warns "abrupt" Rate Changes Could Strain Economy

Abrupt changes to the federal funds rate could stress the economy and financial markets, with steady and well-communicated increases preferable given the uncertainty about how hard and fast rate hikes will hit business and household spending, Kansas City Fed president Esther George said on Monday.

New York Fed's Logan: Digital Innovation Could Require Change In Central Bank Methods

Innovations in digital payments and the potential adoption of a central bank digital currency could force central banks to overhaul how they conduct monetary policy, potentially increasing their balance sheets and the tools used to control interest rates, Lorie Logan, executive vice president of the New York Federal Reserve, said on Thursday.

Global Supply Stress Worsened In April, NY Fed's Index Shows

Stress on global supply chains worsened in April as coronavirus lockdown measures in China and the war in Ukraine lengthened delivery times, and air freight costs between the United States and Asia rose, the New York Federal Reserve reported in its latest update to a worldwide index of supply problems.

U.S. Online Prices Dropped, Spending Slowed In April - Adobe

Online prices fell 0.5% in April and U.S. consumers pulled back on electronic commerce, possibly reflecting a change in consumer behavior and the Federal Reserve's efforts to curb inflation, tech firm Adobe, which monitors online prices, reported.

Mester: MBS Sales Could Mean Market Losses For Fed

If the Federal Reserve sells any of its holdings of mortgage backed securities it may have to do so at a loss, Cleveland Federal Reserve bank President Loretta Mester said Tuesday, a potentially difficult problem for the central bank, at least politically, since it remits its annual profits to the U.S.

Fed's Mester: Will Need "compelling" Drop Of Inflation To Slow Rate Hikes

Inflation will need to show a "compelling" slowdown before the Federal Reserve can consider pausing its interest rate increases, Cleveland Federal Reserve President Loretta Mester said Tuesday, with the risks currently pointed towards a tougher fight to bring the pace of price increases under control.