Articles by India Ashok
Nasa Hubble relic galaxy 1

NASA's Hubble On A Hunt For Ancient Galaxy

The ancient galaxy, which is about a quarter the size of the Milky Way, failed to gather enough material to grow in size and is now in a state of “arrested development.”
15 New exoplanet orbiting red dwarf stars

15 New Planets Discovered Near Solar System

One of the 15 newly discovered planets, orbiting a red dwarf star located about 200 light years away from Earth, could be a super-Earth located within the habitable zone.

Earth’s Magnetic Field is Drastically Changing

The invisible force field around Earth that provides a shield from cosmic radiation and harsh solar winds, is weakening so rapidly that scientists believe it could even cause a reversal of our magnetic poles.



HBO Max's Biggest Draw: HBO

While all-time favorites like Friends, The Big Bang Theory and The Lord of the Rings trilogy certainly form a solid backbone for a new streaming service, the biggest draw to HBO Max is HBO itself.