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Joseph Lazzaro, U.S. Editor, served as Managing Editor of New York-based financial news web sites, 1999-2004, and as Economics/Markets Editor for AOL’s, 2008-2011.

Globalization: The Economic Structural Changes Continue

Globalization -- basically, free markets and the transfer of jobs to lower-cost labor/production centers -- has lifted more than 1 billion people out of poverty. However, globalization, at least initially, also contains a contradiction that, in time, could undermine not only the uniting of markets, but trade and global GDP growth itself.

Spain Inches Towards Full EU Bailout

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy inched closer on Friday to asking for an EU bailout for his country, but said he needed first to know what conditions would be attached and what form the rescue would take.

US Federal Reserve Say Economy Has Weakened, But Keeps Policy The Same

The U.S. Federal Reserve Wednesday lowered its view of the U.S. economy, but kept interest rate policy and its non-traditional quantitative easing policy the same. The Fed said it now sees "economic activity decelerated somewhat over the first half of the year," compared to a previous view of the "economy has been expanding moderately."

US GSA Embroiled In New Spending Scandal

Disclosure of another lavish party thrown by the U.S. government's buildings and procurement agency prompted fresh attacks on Thursday from Republican lawmakers on wasteful Washington spending under President Barack Obama.

Boehner, Reid Reach Deal To Avoid US Government Shutdown

Democrats and Republicans in Congress reached a deal on Tuesday to fund federal government activities through next March and eliminate any threat of agency shutdowns that could upset voters ahead of the November 6 presidential and congressional elections.

Spain: The Next Wave Of The Financial Crisis Arrives

The Spanish crisis, last week’s German vote, talk of a possible withholding of funds for Greece, and now the downgrading of the credit outlook for Europe’s strongest economies, point to a worsening of the financial crisis, a reduction in support for the euro, and a global economy increasing at risk.

NCAA Bans Penn State From Bowl Games For 4 Years, Imposes $40M Fine

The National Collegiate Athletic Association on Monday banned Penn State University from post-season bowl games for four years, fined the university $60 million and imposed other sanctions in an unprecedented punishment for its inaction when officials were alerted to child sex abuse by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

US’s Tepid GDP Growth Requires More Action To Increase It

Investors can monitor five stats to obtain a reading on the U.S. economy’s strength. Currently, these stats show a slowdown in U.S. GDP growth, which is why Congress should do more to create jobs and help increase the economy’s growth rate.