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Joseph Lazzaro, U.S. Editor, served as Managing Editor of New York-based financial news web sites, 1999-2004, and as Economics/Markets Editor for AOL’s, 2008-2011.

Greece's Leaders Push Back Decision On Austerity Cuts

Greek coalition leaders agreed to meet next week to hammer out almost 12 billion euros worth of austerity cuts demanded by the near-bankrupt country's lenders after a deal proved elusive at an initial round of talks on Wednesday.

Fed Ready To Do More To Increase Job Growth: Bernanke

The head of the world's most powerful central bank said it stands ready to offer additional monetary support to a U.S. economy that has slowed significantly in recent months, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers on Tuesday.

What Has Happened To Lincoln’s Republican Party?

A compelling question concerning the nation's current political culture is: what has happened to the Republican Party? President Abraham Lincoln was the Republican Party's first president, elected in 1860. But do the values of today's Tea Party faction-dominated Republican Party match the values of Lincoln?

Greece And Europe Face A Summer Filled With Unpleasant Choices

This summer, both Greece and Europe are between a rock and a hard place. Greece faces the possible prospect of domestic coalition collapse, or ouster from the euro zone; Europe’s leaders, an elongated repayment for their loans to Greece, or a Greece default.

US Probing Failed Broker PFGBest's Use Of Small Auditor

U.S. futures industry investigators are looking into why Iowa-based collapsed brokerage PFGBest used a tiny accounting firm that appears to be operating from inside a suburban Chicago home to audit its books, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Fed Knew About Libor Issue In 2007-08, Proposed Reforms

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York may have known as early as August 2007 that the setting of global benchmark interest rates was flawed. Following an inquiry with British banking group Barclays Plc (NYSE: BSC) in the spring of 2008, it shared proposals for reform of the system with British authorities.

On Jobs, The US Congress, And You

Cutting federal spending in 2012 could tip the U.S. economy back into a recession, just as it almost did in 1937. On the contrary, if the federal government spent more on infrastructure and public works projects now and in the immediate quarters ahead, it would create millions of jobs.

Thinking About Buying A US Home? Think Carefully

U.S. mortgage interest rates for 30-year, fixed loans are at/near 40-year lows. Further, while there's nothing like owning a home, for several reasons 'this is not your father's housing market.' There are pitfalls and pratfalls, and prospective buyers would be wise to review these five tips before taking the plunge.

Five Investment Tips For Less-Experienced US Stock Owners

So the financial crisis, Europe's inability to act in a big way to address its fiscal issues, and endless partisan bickering in Washington between Democrats and Republicans have prompted you to swear off stocks? Well, one school of thought argues, Panicking never made anyone a dime.

Oil Rises After OPEC Maintains Current Production Ceiling

Brent crude futures turned positive while U.S. oil extended gains on Thursday after news that OPEC had agreed to keep its collective oil output ceiling unchanged for the second half of the year at 30 million barrels per day, according to a delegate to the conference.

JPMorgan's Dimon: Good Intentions Behind Bad Trades

JPMorgan Chase & Co Chief Executive Jamie Dimon defended the intent of the portfolio behind the bank's recent multibillion-dollar trading loss, telling lawmakers it was a genuine hedge that would make the firm a lot of money if a credit crisis hit.

Merkel To Campaign For Financial Transaction Tax

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday she would campaign for a financial transaction tax, addressing concerns among the center-left opposition that her government was only using the issue as a way to get euro crisis legislation through parliament.

Mitt Romney - Is He Too Old To Be US President?

Mitt Romney?s experience as governor of Massachusetts helped him best a large GOP field in a wild 2012 nomination process to become the Republican Party?s presidential nominee-designate. But is he too old to serve in the most demanding elected office in the world?

US Still Trying To Recover From Three 2001-2008 Public Policy Mistakes

Tea Party members and other conservatives would like Americans to believe that the United States? problems started in 2009, but nothing could be further from the truth. Three major policy errors by President George W. Bush last decade substantially worsened the U.S.?s fiscal condition, and the nation has been trying to recover ever since.

3 Dividend-Plus-Growth US Stocks For Jittery Investors

No, you haven?t imagined it: trying to find a decent investment in these volatile financial times is like trying to find a diamond amid ashes. With the aforementioned in mind, here are three dividend plays that may not be diamonds, but they're worthy of consideration.