Mike Stone

U.S. Navy Boosts Aspiration For Large Unmanned Fleet

The U.S. Navy sees its future fleet comprised of more than 350 manned ships and about 150 unmanned ships hoping technology means lower operating costs as it prepares to counter a growing Chinese fleet, according to a Navy report released Tuesday.

Pentagon And Lockheed Reach Deal To Build 375 F-35 Fighter Jets

The U.S. Department of Defense agreed with Lockheed Martin Corp to build about 375 F-35 fighter jets over three years, the two parties said on Monday, amid expectations the price of the most common version of the aircraft would increase due to inflation and slower production.

U.S. Successfully Flight-tests Raytheon Hypersonic Weapon -Pentagon

The United States has successfully tested a Raytheon Technologies Corp air-breathing hypersonic weapon capable of speeds faster than five times the speed of sound, making it the third successful test of that class of weapon since 2013, the Pentagon said in a statement on Monday.

U.S. Drone Sale To Ukraine Hits Snag - Sources

The Biden administration's plan to sell four large, armable drones to Ukraine has been paused on the fear its sophisticated surveillance equipment might fall into enemy hands, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Finland Set To Sign Deal With U.S. For 64 F-35 Jets -sources

Finland's formal purchase agreement for F-35 fighter jets could be signed as soon as Friday, U.S.-based sources familiar with the plan said on Thursday, bringing the stealthy new planes one step closer to deploying in coming years on Russia's northern flank.