Articles by Sonny Kwon

Submerging Markets

The weekend brought a sobering warning from the Bank for International Settlements, which suggested that the emerging markets are facing their own version of the boom and bust cycle that brought the developed world to its knees three years ago.

Greece on the Defensive

In a match rich with economic irony and rhetorical potential, the German national team defeated the Hellenic side 4-2 in the European football championships on Friday.

Canadian Inflation on Ice

Wrapping up some fairly important Canadian data this week, CPI numbers were released earlier this morning and showed that inflationary pressures are easing somewhat, continuing to stay of the south side of the Bank of Canada's target.

Moody's Takes a Hatchet to Global Banks

Few large financial institutions managed to escape unscathed as Moody's repositioned the ratings of 15 banks and securities firms with global capital markets operations after the closing bell on Thursday.

FOMC Aftermath

Yesterday the Fed announced that they will extend their yield curve 'twisting'

Manufacturing Data Tells the Same Story

Advanced readings for German flash PMI came in at 44.7 versus a consensus of 45.2 while the euro zone services came in slightly better than expected at 46.8 versus 46.4

Fed Possibilities

Chairman Bernanke will announce his policy decision Wednesday at 12:30 EST, and considering the recent escalation in the European debt crisis


After the positive effects of the Greek election fade, markets will shift focus toward the Federal Reserve announcement scheduled for Wednesday.

Symbolic Victory for the Euro

The euro symbol was originally designed to resemble the Greek epsilon, in homage to the country often considered the birthplace of Western democratic ideals.

The Big Event: Greek election

Event risk is building for this weekend as the much-ballyhooed second round of Greek elections gets underway on Sunday.

Didn't Spain Just Get a Bailout?

It seems that since the very beginning of the European debt crisis the half-life of announced bailout measures is steadily contracting

Gold prices hover near $1,600 per troy ounce

The price of gold was flirting with the milestone value of $1,600 per troy ounce on Monday, but concerns about the euro debt crisis tempered the yellowish metal's advance, published reports state.

The Rain in Spain

Not wanting to leave markets complacent going into the weekend, troubling headlines continue to hit the wires from the common-currency bloc overseas.

Downtrend Continues

Yesterday morning the Chicago PMI Data came in quite weak with a reading of 52.7 versus and expectation of 56.7.