Texas governor Rick Perry is the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, according to the latest Gallup Poll.

Perry has 29 percent of the votes, compared to the second runner-up, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who received 17 percent of the votes.

Perry's 29 percent was a significant increase from his previous month ratings. He received 18 percent of the votes in July. As for Romney, he went down this month from his 23 percent score in July.

The results are based on the Aug. 17-21 Gallup poll, which occurred after several important events in the Republican nomination campaign, including the second candidate debate, the Iowa Straw Poll, and Perry's official entry into the race after months of speculation, the company noted in its analysis.

The poll questioned 1,040 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  

According to Gallup, Perry's strong candidacy has to do with the fact that older Republicans and Southerners like him. Also, Gallup noted that Perry's support is above average among religious Republicans.