• Robert Lewandowski joins Cristiano Ronaldo in Champions League history with at least 15 goals in one tournament
  • Ronaldo holds the record for most goals scored with 17
  • Lewandowski has a chance to break the record if he manages a hat-trick against PSG in the finals of the Champions League

The rise of Bayern Munich in this year’s Champions League can be attributed to the stellar performance of Robert Lewandoski.

This season has been one of his best stints as a professional as he has attained 15 goals in the Champions League, 55 overall throughout this season, a similar accomplishment Cristiano Ronaldo has under his belt.

It’s worth noting that this incredible offensive display of Lewandowski has him side by side with Ronaldo’s best years in the Champions League. No other player has reached the 15-goal mark except Ronaldo who has done it on three separate occasions. It’s important to note that Ronaldo set the tournament record in the 2013-2014 campaign with 17 goals. In 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, he then tallied 16 and 15 respectively.

The manner of how Lewandoski scores have been a mix of aggressiveness and great tactical ability. With the way he sees the situation on the field, he has led Bayern Munich to multiple scoring opportunities this year. The Poland superstar is also in a hot-streak as he’s currently scored in nine consecutive matches and he’s looking to add more in the upcoming final game.

The impressive display of Lewandoski has been highlighted in several key matches, none bigger than their drubbing of Lionel Messi’s Barcelona. In the 8-2 victory, the 31-year-old managed to score once and pick up an assist to eliminate their foes from Santiago Bernabeu.

In the succeeding match in the semi-finals against Olympique Lyon, the seven-time Poland footballer of the year tallied a similar stat line with a goal and an assist. This impressive stretch has propelled Bayern Munich to the Champions League finals to go up against Paris Saint-Germain.

There will be an opportunity for Lewandowski to break the record by scoring a hat-trick in the final match. Despite the chance to make history, their manager Hansi Flick ensures everyone that the individual record will not serve as a distraction.

"He won't think about that, he's happy that he finished our game. He works a lot for the team, that's very important," Flick said by way of

Improving his record though, wouldn’t be bad either as it’s something the Bayern Munich faithful are also looking forward to.

"For me, he is the world's best center-forward and I hope he scores against Paris too," Flick continued.

It will be interesting to see how Lewandowski will fare in the final match of the Champions League and if he will be able to attain the scoring record.

Bayern Munich's Polish forward Robert Lewandowski scored twice on Saturday.
Bayern Munich's Polish forward Robert Lewandowski scored twice on Saturday. POOL / Christof STACHE