• The Roborock Dyad introduces an industry first multiple counter-rotating roller system for high effective cleaning
  • The rear dual rollers are driven from the center of the cleaning head, allowing them to go right up to the edge to reach into corners
  • The Dyad has a one-button self-cleaning cycle, making it easy to maintain
  • Any build up of debris and hair can be cleaned easily as all rollers are removable, an included tool makes maintenance even easier

Those with hardwood, tiled or other uncarpeted floors know the limitation of brooms and vacuum cleaners: there always seems to be a fine layer of dust residue no matter how much you clean. And the tediousness of the mop and bucket, along with the ineffectiveness of absorbency, makes it feel like you're just pushing dirty water around.

This is where the wet and dry vacuums come to the rescue. Essentially a vacuum cleaner with a motorized roller, they wet the floor with clean water, scrub the floor, then extracted the dirty water by suction. However, Roborock, a company well-known for its robot vacuums, believes that it can do even more.

The new Roborock Dyad that is being showcased in CES 2022 is onto the next evolution, introducing multiple rollers that are more effective in cleaning and extraction. This is a first look at the new wet and dry vacuum from Roborock:

The Roborock Dyad cleaning system
The Roborock Dyad cleaning system Roborock

Industry First Multiple Counter-Rotating Rollers

The front-and-center innovation of the Dyad is its multiple counter-rotating rollers. Whereas competing brands have single roller wet vacuum systems, the Dyad has three counter-rotating rollers that provide double the scrubbing action as well as significantly improved pickup power.

Counter-Rotating cleaning systems are actually not new, as commercial cleaners will be familiar with Counter-Rotating Brush (CRB) machines which are deep clean machines for both carpets and floors. What is innovative is that Roborock is incorporating this design into its cordless, consumer use vacuum cleaner, bringing heavy duty cleaning to everyday home and office use.

The counter-rotating 'pinching' motion
The counter-rotating 'pinching' motion Roborock

What allows for the counter-rotating rollers is the dual motors that drive the rollers in different directions, enabling a 'pinching' motion between them, feeding the dust, dirty and liquid directly into the suction port.

The rear rollers extends to the edge of the cleaning head (b)
The rear rollers extends to the edge of the cleaning head Roborock

Edge-to-edge Cleaning

The Roborock Dyad front roller introduces clean water, while the back rollers counter-rotates to provide the picking-up action - and that's where the innovative edge-to-edge cleaning is made possible. By driving the rollers from the center, the two rollers stretch all the way to the edge of the vacuum head, and can get into even right-angled corners.

Since the Roborock Dyad (unlike its cordless stick vacuum siblings the H7) doesn't have accessories and attachments, to be able to clean corners is an essential feature -- and it's exactly what it's made to do.

Self cleaning system - at the press of a button
Self cleaning system - at the press of a button Roborock

Self-Cleaning Rollers

Traditional mops have gone through all sorts of metamorphosis, especially in how the mop is cleaned and squeezed dried. Dyad addresses the issue with the counter-rotation rollers that are also used to clean itself in the charging station.

With the push of only a single button, the Dyad goes into a cleaning cycle, using the shallow tray in the dock as the cleansing pool, it feeds and rinses the rollers while vacuum extracting the liquid into the 620 ml dirty water tank.

All three rollers are removable for cleaning
All three rollers are removable for cleaning Roborock

Removable Rollers

The self-cleaning cycles have its limitations, of course, and that is why all three rollers on the Roborock Dyad are removable. Together with the Roborock Dyad, a maintenance brush is included for cutting and removing hair and other debris that gets caught in the rollers.

In the handle of the brush there is a foldable hair-cutting tool - which looks like a safety box cutter that has a hidden blade. The other end of the tool is what looks like a baby bottle cleaner, which can be used to wash the cleaning head and dirty water pipe.

The Dyad is an impressive first wet and dry vacuum from Roborock
The Dyad is an impressive first wet and dry vacuum from Roborock Roborock

Final Verdict

The Roborock Dyad is a thoughtfully designed wet and dry vacuum cleaner, an impressive first entry from the Shenzhen tech company. The innovative counter-rotating rollers are made to surpass the performance of other competition, and will probably trigger a wave of new designs in the industry.

Overall it's designed to be easy to use, and easy to maintain, down to the thoughtful cleaning tool that's included, which is why we're awarding the Roborock Dyad the Best of CES 2022 badge