NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is shown exiting the Manhattan Federal Courthouse in New York, Aug. 31, 2015. Reuters

The NFL's Compensation Committee will discuss the proposed contract extension Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday, according to ESPN, and it appears as if the Goodell is asking for a big raise.

The committee will discuss a compensation package for Goodell who currently makes around $30 million per year. According to one of ESPN’s sources, Goodell is seeking $49.5 million per year, lifetime use of a private jet and insurance for life for him and his family in a new contract.

The committee consists of six owners, including the New England Patriots’ Robert Kraft, the New York Giants’ John Mara and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Art Rooney II.

Some owners see that salary as too high.

“That number for Roger just seems too much,” said one anonymous owner to ESPN. “It’s offensive. It's unseemly.”

Further complicating matters, however is Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, who is threatening a lawsuit to block Goodell’s extension.

Jones used to have an non-voting ad hoc role in the committee, but was removed from that position.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Thursday that negotiations will continue despite the lawsuit threat and that the league has already authorized the committee to make an extension of Goodell’s contract. Goodell's current deal ends in 2019.

“Everyone should remember at the spring meeting in Chicago, 32 owners – 32-0, a unanimous vote – authorized the compensation committee to enter into negotiations and offer the commissioner an extension to his contract of five years to 2024. Again, 32-nothing vote. Those negotiations and discussions have been going forward now. Very productive and amicable and I expect they’ll be wrapped up soon,” said Lockhart.

Despite voting to authorize the commission to negotiate with Goodell, Jones said that he thinks the whole league should have a say in negotiations in an interview with KRLD, a Dallas-based CBS radio affiliate.

“This is such an important matter in light of a lot of the things that are going on in the NFL right now,” said Jones. “I basically feel this extension of Roger should be reviewed and approved by all the owners, not just a few of the owners.”

Jones also denied that Goodell’s suspension of star Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot for domestic abuse allegations was the main reason for the potential lawsuit. Despite no criminal conviction Goodell suspended Elliot for six games for breaking the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The Commissioner has wide latitude to determine discipline for players with little recourse for teams.

“I've been dealing with this commissioner for almost 28 years as an employee of the NFL,” said Jones said. “[Elliot’s] been involved here a year, year and a half. Those are really separate issues as to [Elliot]. The policy we have that has impacted [Elliot] is more of my issue with the commissioner.”