CNN contributor Roland Martin has been suspended indefinitely, according to the New York Times, for a tweet that he wrote during the Super Bowl that many considered to be homophobic.

Along with at derogatory tweet about a man dressed head to toe pink suit, Martin tweeted that If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him, using a common euphemism for the s-word.

GLAAD posted a tweet demanding that Roland Martin be fired as a CNN contributor, and Martin went on to defend his comments to his Twitter followers, claiming he was making a light-hearted jab at soccer, and was not advocating violence against gays, as GLAAD claimed. Washington Post media writer Erik Wemple dismissed Martin's claim as hogwash.

The reaction on Twitter was mostly arrayed against Martin, although some came to his defense:

  • @ChazNCharge: Are we really surprised that Roland Martin is suspended? We all know the stereotype is that Blk men are violent homophobes.
  • @ChefEdwinP: It seems as if a person can't express themself anymore. Roland Martin did nothing wrong. Screw being so politically correct!

Some, however, were not so surprised:

  • @edotshaw: Black people, stop acting so surprised Roland Martin got suspended!! Any company that pays you that much money is gonna be that rigid.
  • @paintedveils: I knew it was just a matter of time b4 Roland Martin would get the boot frm CNN, he tweets like he doesn't belong to a major network.
  • @HarrietThugman: Hey. I'd probably believe that Roland Martin was innocent if he hadn't DEFENDED TRACY MORGAN'S HOMOPHOBIC STAND UP ACT.

And others took the opportunity to blast CNN, even if they disapproved of Martin's remarks:

  • @T_Gibby: The oddest part is that @cnn thinks anybody gives a shit what Roland Martin has to say.
  • @tuccno: Heard of Lou Dobbs? MT @TheRoot247 #CNN: Roland Martin's tweets were...offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent our values.
  • @PJsaintPJ: I'll start by stating that I cant stand Roland Martin, but give me a break...Suspention CNN? Really?

The best responses, however, were the ones that poked fun at Martin: